Okoboji Community School District

Welcome! Okoboji Community School District is a place where we are Pioneering Pathways for Every Student. Okoboji has so much to offer all students: high academic standards, strong athletic and fine arts programs, and much more. This community should feel Proud to Be piONEers who are Outstanding and Optimistic and encourage Opportunity for ALL. If you are new to the district, we look forward to providing your children with a challenging education from teachers who build academic competence, encourage innovation and collaboration, and teach with passion in an atmosphere where students are valued, celebrated, and challenged. We are so thankful for the many parents involved in Pioneer Parents and other organizations that are engaged with our children’s education. It is our hope you will be an “all in” parent/guardian/community member/community leader for your child and every child in our district. It is “Team Okoboji.” To learn more about the Okoboji Community District, please call 712-338-4757. We are committed to keeping our kids safe and giving them our very best. Thank you for your support! - Todd A. Abrahamson, Superintendent Check out these You Tube videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4E8vyEcqsQ&index=1&list=PLgY3oyulYPWoBiQcIm5A-273dr2fDJRhp https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXTeIuB-72c&index=2&list=PLgY3oyulYPWoBiQcIm5A-273dr2fDJRhp

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