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At RE/MAX Lakes Realty, you become a member of the largest and most well-known real estate name in the business.  There are 3 main reasons for our agents’ incredible success.

  1. The Maximum Commission Concept

The Maximum Commission Concept is about giving our agents the very best income opportunities available and not about trying to see how much the company can keep. 

RE/MAX pioneered the full-service, maximum-commission concept in 1973, inspiring one of the most sweeping changes our industry has experienced. Today we continue to lead the industry in services and concepts that best serve full-time professional agents - making the maximum commission is just the beginning of the story.

  1. In Business For Yourself, Not By Yourself
    • At RE/MAX Lakes Realty, we encourage personal brand building as well as team brand building.  We believe that strong-minded, motivated individuals want and need the independence to be their own person, or by their own team.  Build your brand and put your own personal touch on it.  Think of RE/MAX as the engine that drives your personal brand anywhere you want to go.
    • However, you aren’t on your own.  RE/MAX provides countless training programs, online videos, tutorials, webinars, you name it.  We also provide in-house help and training at all times.  RE/MAX corporate and our staff are here to help and assist whenever you need us.
    • Your online leads go directly to YOU, not to the office, and not to the person on “floor time”.  When someone inquires about your listing, YOU get the lead.
    • RE/MAX is one of the few companies that allows its agents to put their own name, picture, and cell phone number right on your yard sign.  We want you, the professional, to be successful and are not afraid of independence, and strongly motivated agents.
  2. Technology and Training
    • At RE/MAX Lakes Realty, we have developed a proprietary and unique lead generation and management system that gives you all the tools you need to manage your leads and business day in and day out.  We also offer a proprietary transaction management system that lets you reduce the time it takes to create a transaction by 75%.  This means more time with your family or friends.
    • It is all online now.  We spend a tremendous amount of money, time, and effort building our local brand online, and we want you to be a part of the best marketing real estate company around.
    • RE/MAX corporate generates thousands of free leads every day.  Some of those leads are for right here in the Iowa Great Lakes.
    • RE/MAX provides RE/MAX UNIVERSITY for real estate training and education, AD MARKETPLACE for custom outdoor ads, DESIGN CENTER where you can design countless marketing materials, and the DOWNLOAD where you learn about the latest marketing techniques for online and social media.

"If you aren't convinced, yet, just take it from me, Aaron Jones.  In just 2 short years with RE/MAX, I became a diamond producer and made the decision to purchase RE/MAX Lakes Realty in 2014.  I made the investment because I know that the RE/MAX system is proven and it will attract the very best agents.  In turn, our clients get the very best service from the very best professionals."

Please call me at 712-320-9442 or email me at  I'd be pleased to sit down and allow you to compare us to any of the competitions.  I'm confident you will make the smart choice.

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